70s British TV Quiz — remember Grange Hill, and Rising Damp?

70s British TV Quiz by a lover of seventies television. I absolutely loved watching Grange Hill. I quite clearly remember Zammo and who could forget the crotchety headmistress!? British TV had never before produced a drama like this for young adults.
It was one of the first to raise issues such as bullying, racism, young love, and drug misuse.

It’s also amazing how many of the young actors went on to be successful adult actors. Quite a few of them appeared in EastEnders, can you remember which ones?

I’ve always been, and, always will be a big fan of Rising Damp. It had to be a question in the 1970s UK Television Quiz. Leonard Rossiter always made me laugh. My favourite episode is when he thought he’d run over Vienna. It was sad, but at the same time, hilarious.

So crack on with the 70s British TV Quiz by clicking start below.

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