90s Comedy Quiz

90s Comedy Quiz questions on the funny films and TV series from the nineties. Dumb and Dumber was a really funny film. It has some great lines in it. OK, the budgie scene was a bit cringe-worthy but it was hilarious. Wayne’s World was also a nineties classic with the addition of Rock Music. Plus a cameo appearance by His Royal Highness Alice Cooper. The way that Wayne and Garth treat Alice is absolutely hilarious. Those scenes always make me laugh out loud.

In their 1996 movie what did Beavis and Butthead do?

I have to admit that I am a big fan of Rick and Eddie in the brilliant nineties British comedy Bottom. You can find our Bottom Quiz Here.

The Mask is another 1990s funny film that features in our quiz. The very grumpy Victor Meldrew has his own question.

So start the 90s Comedy Quiz and find out if you are a Nineties Funny Film Guru

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