1960s TV Comedy Quiz - The Best of the Funny Stuff

1960s TV Comedy Quiz Do you know what St Trinian’s was? What was different about the movie The Plank. It featured many of the best sixties comedians. Including Tommy Cooper and Eric Sykes. Doctor Strangelove starring Peter Sellers as a bonkers madman.

Now we have set the scene crack on with the 1960s TV Comedy Quiz

90s Comedy Quiz

90s Comedy Quiz questions on the funny films and TV series from the nineties. Dumb and Dumber was a really funny film. It has some great lines in it. OK, the budgie scene was a bit cringe-worthy but it was hilarious. Wayne’s World was also a nineties classic with the…

70s Comedy Quiz - The Best of the Funny Stuff

70s Comedy Quiz featuring British TV shows such as Fawlty Towers, Porridge and Rising Damp. Rigsby still makes me laugh out loud even today.

One of my favourite ever actors played a major role in Animal House. Can you remember who played Bluto? That particular actor went on to perform in one of my favourite films.

The movie “The Life of Brian” caused a lot of controversy when it was released. Thankfully it’s now appreciated as funny and well-written film.

So, without further delay start the 70s Comedy TV Quiz

1970s Music Quiz are you Groovy?


Seventies Questions on music movies and life

1980s Music Quiz

Disney Movie Quiz

Disney movie quiz to test your knowledge. If you love Walt Disney films then you will love this quiz. It’s amazing to think that the first Disney movie was released in 1929. Since that release, the company has continued to release quality films.

Siliconhell Invisible Movie Quiz 4

The Invisible Movie Quiz 4 by Siliconhell packed full of fun. Famous movie scenes where the characters have been made invisible. We have loads of them and will be publishing them over the next few weeks. Sign up for our newsletter and stay informed.

The quizzes open fine in Google Sheets. Feel free to share the Siliconhell Invisible Movie Quiz 4 Spreadsheet with your friends. We highly recommend our Online Movie Quizzes too.

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