Blackadder Quiz - 15 Cunning Questions With Answers

Blackadder Quiz, 15 questions with answers. Are you as cunning as a fox what used to be Professor of Cunning at Oxford University? Or, are you as daft as Baldrick on a bad day?

Your brain is so minute Baldrick, that if a hungry cannibal cracked your head open, there wouldn’t be enough to cover a small water biscuit


Now crack on with The Blackadder Quiz. Please share this with everybody in the universe.

The Red Dwarf Quiz — Are You a Smeg Head?

Star Trek The Next Generation Quiz

The James Bond 007 Quiz

Cockney Language Quiz

Cockney Language Quiz Can you work out what the nice Londoner is going on about?

Cockney is a rhyming slang dialect spoken mainly, but not only, in the East End of London. It came about in the mid-19th-century and was thought to be used by criminals and salesman to keep…

Star Wars Quiz Questions with Answers

Star Wars Quiz Questions with Answers. The first film was released in the 70s and was an instant success.

The first time I watched the movie I was blown away. The cinematography was stunning and the story gripping. The aliens were strange, and yet cute at the same time. …

Driving Test Quiz - if you had to retake it, would you pass?

I’ve created a fun driving test quiz, Why You May Ask? Well, it’s been a while since I passed my licence. And that made me wonder “if I took it today would I pass?”.

It’s a collection of proper driving test questions that you may get asked. There are also…

Blue Planet Quiz - fun quiz about planet Earth, animals and its habitat

Blue Planet Quiz to test your knowledge of planet Earth, its oceans and its wildlife. David Attenborough was the inspiration for me getting interested in nature. I have found some amazing nature facts out over the years.

I thought it would be a fitting tribute to create a nature quiz. Here are a few questions to get you in the mood. What is the world’s largest mammal? How big is our atmosphere and what is the highest mountain?

Answer simple questions to find out if you are a Blue Planet Quiz Guru

Which animal is faster quiz — The nature edition

The Willy Quiz — Do you know which animal has the biggest?

Cat or Dog Quiz

The Missing Words Quiz

This fun quiz will keep you thinking for a while. We give you a number and you have to work out the missing words. For example:

7 = D in a W

The answer is 7 Days in a Week. So now you know how it works. Have a bash…

Famous Actors Quiz Questions with Answers

Famous actors quiz questions with answers. Can you identify the famous actors and actresses from the clues that we give you? To help you along the questions are multiple-choice. Should you be incorrect we even tell you the correct answer.

For example:

American born 1964. Starred in Leaving Las Vegas…

Genius Quiz 2 - 10 Difficult Questions

Genius Quiz 2 Ten Questions Designed to test your IQ and your memory recall. These questions are difficult! The original Genius Quiz can be found here.

So answer the general knowledge questions in the quiz below To find out now if you are a Genius Quiz Guru.

Can You Beat The Chaser?

Movie Connections Quiz

Love Chocolate? You will ace this quiz

Sci-Fi Quiz - Are you a science fiction Guru

A Sci-Fi quiz with some of my favourite sci-fi movies and sci-fi TV series. I have always been a big fan of anything to do with science.

Star Wars is still considered to be one of the biggest sci-fi movies. Personally, I also enjoy B-Movies such as They Live. If…

The Famous Music Quiz Questions with Answers

The Famous Music Quiz — 12 multiple choice questions on famous bands, famous songs and musical instruments. Are you a musical Guru?

Music has always been a significant part of my life. I’ve always liked rock music more recently I’ve enjoyed blues music and believe it or not classical music.


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