Blue Planet Quiz — fun quiz about planet Earth, animals and its habitat

Blue Planet Quiz to test your knowledge of planet Earth, its oceans and its wildlife. David Attenborough was the inspiration for me getting interested in nature. I have found some amazing nature facts out over the years.

My favourite animals are otters I’m fascinated by them. I have been fortunate enough to spend a few hours with one at a wildlife rescue centre. They were very inquisitive of me and came across as very intelligent. It was a family of three and they were constantly chattering to each other. It’s an experience that I will never forget and I feel very privileged they allowed it to happen.

I thought it would be a fitting tribute to create a nature quiz. Here are a few questions to get you in the mood. What is the world’s largest mammal? How big is our atmosphere and what is the highest mountain?

Answer simple questions to find out if you are a Blue Planet Quiz Guru

Which animal is faster quiz — The nature edition

The Willy Quiz — Do you know which animal has the biggest?




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