Cats washing themselves

Okay anybody who has a cat knows that they clean themselves by licking. So they use their bristly tongue and spit as their own scrubbing brush and detergent. Since they are not using detergents it is a really good way of helping the environment.

Why is it then that they do not smell?

It’s pretty certain that they do not smell, otherwise, stop they wouldn’t be such good hunters. I can just picture a lion on the African Savannah spraying on some deodorant to cover up the smell of saliva on their fur. They would probably use Lynx Africa.

Maybe I have it wrong and big cats such as lions and tigers do indeed smell. So, if you have been close to a big cat and survived feel free to let me know if they smell or not! Just let me know by leaving a comment at the bottom of the page.

Can you imagine getting up in the morning and having a good wash with your spit? I’m pretty sure that nobody would come anywhere near you for the rest of the day.

Mind you it’s a guaranteed way of always getting a seat on public transport. I wonder if it will catch on?

Whilst on the subject of felines, you know which is faster, a cat or a squirrel? If you think you know you should check out our amusing quiz “The Which Is Faster Quiz — Nature Edition”.

The Which Is Faster Quiz — Nature Edition — for example: which is faster a cat or a squirrel #10?




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