Eastenders Quiz Questions with Answers

Eastenders Quiz Questions with Answers. The questions reflect the fact that the program has been on BBC1 since the mid-1980s. They will test your knowledge of characters young and old. The show was a hit pretty much as soon as it was broadcast. It follows the everyday folk who live in Albert Square, Walford in the East End of London.

It was created by Julia Smith and Tony Holland. At first, it was shown twice a week. Since 2001 it has been shown every weeknight apart from Wednesdays. Eastenders has consistently been one of the top-rated TV in the UK.

The Walford storylines have tackled many difficult issues such as HIV, physical abuse, murder, and betrayal. Probably why it was awarded the best TV soap for 14 years in succession.You may also enjoy our Cockney Language Quiz which you can find here.

So, cast back your memory and take the Eastenders Quiz Questions with Answers. Find out if you are an East Enders Guru! Make sure that you challenge your friends to beat your score.

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