Sci-Fi Quiz — Are you a science fiction Guru

A Sci-Fi quiz with some of my favourite sci-fi movies and sci-fi TV series. I have always been a big fan of anything to do with science.

Star Wars is still considered to be one of the biggest sci-fi movies. Personally, I also enjoy B-Movies such as They Live. If you haven’t seen it I recommend you give it a watch. It’s not a big-budget film, but it is quite clever and funny. The Hidden is another classic that should be added to your list of films to watch.

We also have a Classic Star Trek Quiz and a Star Trek The Next Generation Quiz. As well as a Red Dwarf Quiz which is one of our personal favourites. We also have The Space Quiz 12 Questions with Answers

Alien has to be one of the scariest sci-fi movies. Guardians of the Galaxy has to be one of the funniest science-fiction films. The oldest sci-fi movie that I have seen is Metropolis. When you consider how old the film is its absolute masterpiece.

So your mission is to answer the questions below. Find out if you are a Sci-Fi Quiz Guru

Try the Marvel Superhero Quiz

Star Trek Quiz — The Original Series

Try the Red Dwarf Quiz

Space Quiz — 12 Questions with Answers




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