The 1980s Quiz — Are you an eighties Guru?

The 1980s Quiz — Questions on eighties music, movies, television, and world events. Do you know who had a hit with “Don’t Stand so Close to Me”, or “Super Trooper”? The Liverpool band Frankie Goes to Hollywood had several number 1 hit records. The video for Two Tribes Goes to War was a great parody of the American and Russian leaders. Their other hit Relax went straight to number 1. I still have a copy of their album in my record collection.

Eighties fashion gave us Rhino canvas jeans and legwarmers. Grandad shirts and white socks. I myself admit to being a fashion victim of this decade.

It was the decade of Margaret Thatcher and Yuppies. Bob Geldof and Midge Ure gave us Band Aid which raised awareness of the starving millions in the Third World countries. It was the first time since Woodstock that so many bands came together in one place. It raised millions of pounds for the starving millions.

The TV comedy “Only When I Laugh” was massive during this decade. As was the children’s news programme Newsround. A very popular Saturday night TV programme gave us Boss Hogg and Daisy Duke. Can you remember what it was called?

Okay, now it’s time to begin The 1980s Quiz?

Life in the 1970s Quiz

The 1980s Comedy Quiz

1980s Music Quiz




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